MS STEAM Students Tackle Age-Old Question: Are Double Stuffed Oreos Truly Double Stuffed?
Jon Olivera, MS STEAM Coordinator

While distance learning may have sidelined our activities in the school building, our STEAM team is continuing to find ways to bring authentic classroom experiences into the homes of our students. Inquiry-based science continues to be a foundational component of our curriculum, and we are coming up with new and creative ways to engage students each and every day in our classes. Last week, seventh graders answered the timeless question "Are double stuffed Oreos truly double stuffed?" as they are learning about the scientific method. Student groups wrote their own procedures and executed their own investigations in an attempt to answer this question. In doing so, they learned about the importance of procedure writing, sources of error in experiments, forming meaningful hypotheses, creating graphs on Google Sheets and drawing conclusions based on their data analyses. 
We will continue to engage our students in this style of learning as well as larger project-based learning units as the year moves forward. Distance and hybrid learning are a time for growth amongst faculty, students and our community as a whole. By opening ourselves up to new experiences and supporting one another as a community, we will all thrive during this time. Our team looks forward to working with students in new and exciting ways as we move forward with this school year!

Click here to watch a video of the students working on their experiments!

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