MS Honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. During Community Assembly

During last week's community homeroom, Inclusion Counselor Stefanie Trepper led Middle School students in a reflection on the significance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. She began with a discussion of Dr. King's unwavering commitment to nonviolent resistance as a means to combat inequality despite the numerous threats made against him and his family. "Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. inspired a movement, and within it, people came together to fight for civil rights," said Ms. Trepper. She explained that the best way to celebrate MLK Day is by continuing Dr. King's work and doing your part to advance the fight for social justice. "It doesn't matter what age you are; we all can put and create change in the world," Ms. Trepper reminded them. The group then watched an inspiring video of poet and Harvard Graduate School of Education alumnus Donovan Livingston reciting his poem "Lift Off," which addresses the endless potential they have as students. Toward the end of the morning assembly, Ms. Trepper reiterated to the Middle Schoolers that they have a voice and encouraged them to think about the change they want to see in society and what they can do to make it a reality. Finally, she left them with an important question to consider over the long weekend: "During this time where we reflect on the work of so many, particularly Dr. King, how can you put your voice into the world and create change?"

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