Middle School Students Share Distance Learning Artwork
Marquis Austin

Throughout Distance Learning, Veronika Bromberg’s students were creating new pieces to expand their impressive portfolios (to view a gallery of student artwork, please click here). While being physically separated presented challenges, Ms. Bromberg considers the transition to Distance Learning to have been a fairly smooth one: “Students were quick to adapt very well to learning about art and making art on their own asynchronously and synchronously during class time.” The Weekly spoke with the Middle School's Arts Integration Coordinator about how her art classes adapted to Distance Learning and the art projects students have been working on. 

How was the transition to Distance Learning?
I have been impressed by how seamless the transition has been from our art room to our virtual art class room. As we all expected, there were minor technological hiccups along the way but we were able to figure them out and move ahead. Additionally, there were times when I've wanted to reach into my computer to be with each of my students so that I could provide hands-on assistance when they needed it. The barrier of the computer in art has presented a challenge.

What type of projects have students been working on? What type of art forms have they been exploring?
Students in 5th grade have created five different art projects. The first assignment was a View from My Window where students used pencil, black marker, color pencils or markers to create a scene from their window. Students enjoyed this project so much that they were asking to do a second version showing the same view but now in spring time. The second assignment was to do a drawing of a sleeping animal. Students used their drawing skills to observe an animal sleeping. For the third assignment, students had the choice to create a cartoon character of themselves or a superhero or superheroine. The results were impressive and so original. Students used their drawing and collage-making skills for the fourth assignment to create an underwater sea life environment using watercolors and color makers. The results were impressive transporting the viewer to their original underwater world. For the final assignments, students learned about the life and work of artist, Wayne Thiebaud. He is known for his abundance of paintings capturing the true essence of sweets from mouth watering cakes, cupcakes, ice cream and candy. Using Thiebaud's work as inspiration, students created their own series of delectable treats.
During Distance Learning, 6th grade students continued their studies developing skills in drawing and design. For the first DL assignment, students learned how to create an optical design using line and color. Students showed their understanding of positive/negative-Japanese Notan design using fine motor skills cutting and arranging geometric and free-form shapes to their work. For the third assignment, students applied their skills observing an object and applying their technical drawing abilities while drawing a hand in several positions for the hand studies project. Students learned about illuminated manuscripts and letters for the fourth assignment. They created their own illuminated letter creating a theme and decorative elements throughout their work. The level of detail and color made for a collection of beautifully rendered work by every student. For the final project, students honed their technical drawing skills, learning how to create water droplets and objects with reflective surfaces.
Given the limitations of supplies and materials, students in 7th grade applied their best efforts to create a body of creative artwork. For the first assignment, students learned about still life drawing—how to arrange their objects, how to block their objects and show the relationship of objects to one another. Their final pieces turned out beautifully. The second assignment of a nature drawing included applying color in an abstract way to create a background for a composition of an object found in nature. The object was rendered with pen or pencil creating a contrast of black and white with color. Students continued to develop their drawing skills and abilities with the final two assignments. Paying attention to detail, students created a View from My Window and a series of shaded water droplet drawings. 

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