MS History Lesson Commemorates MLK Day

Last week, Middle School history teacher William Buckley held a lesson to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. During the class, Mr. Buckley's students learned about Dr. King's background, including how Mahatma Gandhi and his Christian faith inspired his philosophy of nonviolence. They also studied the influential civil rights leader's pivotal role in the Montgomery bus boycott and the Selma to Montgomery marches. Expanding on their discussion of Dr. King's fight for equal rights, Mr. Buckley asked the Middle Schoolers to consider why lawmakers were against giving African-Americans the right to vote. Students correctly pointed out that it was because voters control who holds positions of power in society. The informative lesson also touched on the criticism Dr. King drew from Malcolm X and other activists who didn't believe his tactics were effective. As the period came to a close, Mr. Buckley emphasized to everyone that the fight for civil rights is an ongoing process and asked that they use MLK Day as an opportunity to reflect on Dr. King's accomplishments and how they can continue his work. 

  • Middle School

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