GS Winter Assembly Is a Merry Musical Success

The Grammar School wrapped up 2021 with a merry winter assembly this morning on Zoom. A fun and communal way to come together after another successful year of learning, each grade in the Grammar School gave a special performance for their teachers and peers. Led and accompanied by music teacher Annie Ragsdale, PK Diamonds and Stars sang together. The kindergarten class followed up with another musical number, and the first grade continued with a beautiful rendition of “Luna Lunera” in Spanish. Singing, “We will rise all together, we will rise,” the second graders added special choreography and colorful streamers to their performance. Shaking things up, the third grade class pivoted away from musical performances to give an impressive recital of the longest book title in the GS library, which they had collectively memorized. The fourth grade class capped off the student performances with a musical number that featured every fourth grader on an instrument in addition to singing; cello, violin, xylophone and glockenspiel were all featured in the fourth grade performance. 

In conclusion of the assembly, the faculty participating in the Ugly Sweater Contest (a contest that raises money to be donated to a charity of the winner’s choosing) showed off their silly attire. They announced that they had smashed their former donation record of $190 and raised over $700 this year! Then, the Grammar School teachers, ugly sweaters and all, finished off the assembly with a phenomenal musical performance of their own, coming together for a joyous rendition of “Let it Snow.”

What a fantastic way to end off the year! You can watch the full assembly here.

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