GS Teacher Patricia Arenson Partners With PS Choreography Class For Dance Project

In a cross-divisional collaboration, Grammar School dance and drama teacher Patricia Arenson has been working with the students in Reba Mehan's Prep School choreography class to create a piece for the spring dance concert on Tuesday, May 17. Although Ms. Mehan, formerly a PK and kindergarten teacher, moved to the PS in 2011 to develop its yoga and dance program, she continued to stay in touch with the GS's movement specialists. Through this connection, she crossed paths with Ms. Arenson, and a new partnership was born. "When I first met Ms. Arenson and saw her in action, I knew that I needed to share her creative talent, teaching experience and enthusiasm for dance with the older students," said Ms. Mehan. 

Since 2018, Ms. Arenson has brought her wealth of expertise to the PS Dance Lab as a guest teacher, instructing classes alongside Ms. Mehan and choreographing performances for the annual showcase. Her dynamic ability to bring out the best in every student and foster a collaborative environment has made her a hit among PS dancers and has been readily apparent during recent choreography classes. Under Ms. Arenson's guidance, the Prep Schoolers have been able to infuse their latest routine with their own styles and personalities. "That really steered the piece into the direction it was meant to go," said Ms. Arenson. "It was important to me that the piece felt like a collaboration."

Ms. Arenson has enjoyed working with the older CGPS students and plans to keep doing so as much as possible. "It has been such a pleasure working with them! The dancers are enthusiastic to learn and try new things. They are so supportive of each other and encouraging," she exclaimed. The feeling is mutual, as Ms. Mehan said her door is always open to Ms. Arenson: "Watching her develop work with the students is so wonderful!"

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