Fourth Graders Have Fun at Pre-Thanksgiving Pajama Party
Monica Chen

Last Tuesday, fourth graders gathered on Zoom for a pre-Thanksgiving pajama party! At this lively event, pajama-clad students got to have fun with their teachers and classmates. To kick things off, everyone waved hello and showed off their pajamas during a virtual parade. Next up was the stuffed animal showcase — each fourth grader and teacher held up their favorite stuffed animal to give them a brief moment of fame. They were joined by Baby Yoda, a CGPS lion, a bear larger than its fourth grade owner and more! 

In a series of breakout room activities, including a scavenger hunt, a Thanksgiving-themed session of “Would You Rather” and a shared moment of gratitude, the Grammar Schoolers had the opportunity to connect with their friends and teachers in small groups. The scavenger hunt was a particularly exciting game, as everyone scrambled to find all of the items on the list before time ran out. In the picture below, students held up their findings for “something you think is delicious”! 

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