Fifth Grade Historian Jared L. Launches Website Showcasing Student Work
Ruth Kornblatt-Stier & Monica Chen

In Core Coordinator Stefanie Trepper’s 5-6 class, students are taking part in an investigative American history unit. One fun project requires students to research and create a timeline of the events leading up to the American Revolution. Fifth grade student, Jared L., went above and beyond, taking it upon himself to create a website to house the timelines of each of his classmates.

Jared’s website features all the students in class 5-6 as well as each individual timeline project, complete with images that correlate to a description of each timeline event. Jared explained that on his website, clicking on a student’s photo will take you to their timeline project. For students learning in-person, this means photos of physical books that they’ve created; for students learning remotely, this means images of their projects in Google Slides. 

Jared has created an outstanding and interactive way for all students, both remote and in-person, to be featured in the same place. To check out his website, please click here!

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