Celebrate Earth Day With These Fantastic Resources!
Laura Codron, Grade 2 Teacher & GS Sustainability Coordinator

April is Earth Month, and Thursday, April 22, is the 51st anniversary of Earth Day! Even in times like these, there is always time to consider our impact on the Earth. No matter how tiny (but effective!) the action is, you and your family can make a difference. This year’s theme is Restore the Earth. Here are some resources for your family to celebrate Earth Day whenever you have a chance to do so. The Earth and all the creatures in it thank you for your efforts!

Feel free to make every day Earth Day!

Read along - The Mess That We Made by Michelle Lord
Listen, read, and learn about the environmental impact of trash and plastic on the ocean and marine life, and how we can do our part to combat pollution. 

Check out National Geographic Kids - Earth Day activities and info.

Participate in the Grammar School’s Lunch Box Challenge.
Take home one or more of your school lunch boxes and think of interesting and creative ways to give the box a second life! Send photos of your creations to to be included in a school bulletin board and a digital slide show to commemorate this year’s Earth Day. 

Spend some time with animals.
Many zoos and aquariums are offering free teach-ins and livestreams, so tune in to learn about different species and their habitats.

Create and design your own bowl out of used paper.
A great Spring time rainy day activity!

Make digital tree thank you cards.
Pick your favorite tree on your outdoor journey (or through your window), draw it, and write it a thank-you letter! Tell it why it’s so special to you. 

Become a Junior Forest Ranger. 
The Jr. Ranger Programs use Forest Service science and practices to encourage children 7 through 13 to enjoy and appreciate nature. 

Spend family time looking at leaves (or other plants, flowers, trees).
Children will take a closer look at leaves and find out more about leaf characteristics and how leaves can be used to identify plants.

Download an Earth App.
Try Seek which uses recognition technology to identify plants and animals, (collect badges along the way!), or try the Earth Challenge app to gather air quality and pollution data in your community. 

Printing a lot of paper lately? 
Pledge to set your printer settings to “draft” in order to use less printer ink! Every little bit counts!

Cut down on food waste with the fun calendar of food-saving tips!

Make a plan to cut down on plastic pollution.
Ask your child to help audit your plastic use at home by counting how many plastic containers, wraps, bottles, and bags you purchase for your kitchen and bathroom. Encourage them to research products that have more sustainable packaging for your next grocery trip or online order. There are many companies offering great products to solve this, from sponges to trash bags to laundry detergent! Think about other plastics you don’t need, such as declining plastic utensils with take-out orders.

Create eco-art.
Creating art is an excellent way to spend time indoors and still connect to the Earth (not to mention, reduce stress). Repurpose materials from around the house, and encourage your child to create something new, like jewelry, bags or plant holders. They can even transform trash into treasure by creating a sculpture out of recyclables. Gather some inspiration from Earth Day Network’s Artists for the Earth gallery.

Reminisce and watch our CGPS is Kind to the Earth slideshow from 2019’s Earth Day celebrations.

However you choose to celebrate, we are wishing you and the Earth a happy, healthy, healing Earth Day! 

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