Award-Winning Student Artwork on Display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Lynn Schulte, MS & PS Art Department Head

The Prep School Studio Art Department would like to congratulate all our students on their fine work in photography, drawing, illustration, mixed media and digital art! The 2021 NYC Scholastic Awards Gold Key Exhibition will be on view through May 21, 2021 at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ruth and Harold D. Uris Center for Education, 1000 Fifth Avenue, New York City. You may view photos from the exhibition below. 

Each year students submit their work to the regional Scholastic Art and Writing Awards where all entrees are considered for Gold Key, Silver Key, Honorable Mention, American Visions Nominee and American Voices Nominee Awards. These are presented to students along with celebration ceremonies and exhibitions in each region.

(Please see below for the list of NYC Scholastic Art award winners from CGPS.)

Works that win a Scholastic Gold Key in the regional contests are automatically considered for the national awards, including Gold Medal and Silver Medal, and direct scholarship awards. This year two of our students won national medals for their work in photography. Chloe L. ’23 received two Silver Medals for Space Cowboy and Skate Day, and Victoria R. ’23 received a Gold Medal for JUSTICE IS (pictured above). Congratulations to all our talented students on their fine work!

2021 NYC Scholastic Art Award Gold Key, Silver Key and Honorable Mention Winners

B & W Photography
Sabrina E. (11) - 1 silver key, 1 honorable mention
Sasha E. (10) - 2 gold keys, 1 silver key
Ali F. (10) - 1 silver key
Anya J. (10) - 2 silver keys, 3 honorable mentions
Maya K. (11) - 1 gold key, 1 silver key, 2 honorable mentions
Avery L. (11) - 1 gold key, 1 silver key
Chloe L. (10) - 2 gold keys, 3 silver keys, 1 honorable mention
Sofia M. (10) - 2 gold keys, 1 silver key
Joel O. (12) - 1 silver key
Victoria R. (10) - 1 gold key, 1 honorable mention
Bianka S. (11) - 4 honorable mentions

Digital Photography 
Charley C. (10) - 1 silver key and 1 honorable mention
Kayla K. (10) - 1 gold key, 1 honorable mention
Julien M. (10) - 2 gold keys, 1 silver key
Phoebe H. (10) - 2 silver keys
Caroline L. (10) - 2 honorable mentions
Zach P. (8) - 2 honorable mentions
Rachel W. (12) - 1 honorable mention

Drawing and Illustration
Mariela G. (10) - 2 honorable mentions
Jolie T. (11) - 1 honorable mention
Stephanie W. (10) - 1 honorable mention

Mixed Media
Stephanie W. (10) - 1 honorable mention

Digital Art
Maya K. (11) - 1 honorable mention

Space Cowboy by Chloe L. '23:

Skate Day by Chloe L. '23:


2021 NYC Scholastic Awards Gold Key Exhibition:

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