Sophia Rohde, Director of Chess Program

With the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic apparently behind us — at least in the United States — in-person chess events have started to return.

That means the 2021 National Online Scholastic Chess Championships (NOSCC) could be the last major online scholastic (K-12) chess tournament. This event was originally created to replace the cancelled Super Nationals VII that would have been held in Nashville, TN. The NOSCC was held online at the Internet Chess Club, the same platform that hosted other 2021 events including the NYS Girls Championship, City Championships and State Championships.

An Experimental Format
The NOSCC has a unique format that hopefully will not be repeated: two qualification weekends April 24-25 and May 8-9, and a championship weekend June 12-13. Each weekend featured eight games played at a speedy 30-minute time control; four games each on Saturday and Sunday.

Since relatively few players qualified, team awards were decided in the qualification weekends. The results of the top four scorers from a school would count for the team.

CGPS Results

K-12 Qualifier
Eight of our Lions participated in this section. Daniel L. scored 6.5 points out of 8 to finish in a tie for 6th-16th place (10th on tiebreaks) to qualify for Championship Weekend.

Leonardo L. scored 6 points out of 8 but was extremely unlucky: he finished in 35th place when only 34 players qualified for the finals. Update: Leonardo will play Championship weekend after all! As one player ahead of him declined to play.

Daniel M. and Aiden T. scored 5 points each, Richie H. and Ethan L. tallied 4 points each, and Jacob T. added 3 points. Harris L. could only play the first two rounds of the event and recorded 0.5 points from these contests.

The team finished in 3rd Place with 22.5 points, just behind Stuyvesant HS (23). We tied with Thomas Jefferson HS (VA), but they had superior tiebreaks.
K-6 Qualifier
Aiden T. had one of the best performances of his chess career, posting 6.5 points out of 8 and finishing in 6th place. He easily qualified for the June event.

David S. tallied a solid 4 points in a tough field.

With only two players, we should note that CGPS finished in 11th Place ahead of several teams with three or four players.
K-5 Qualifier
Christopher W. came closest to qualification, scoring 5.5 points out of 8. Sammy G. tallied 5 points, Hansen W. added 3.5, and David M. contributed 2 points. Freya C. and William H. posted 1.5 points each.

As a team, we finished in 9th Place.
K-3 Qualifier

Once again Mark R. led our K-3 Lions, scoring 5 out of 8, while Miles L. and Ryan G. each finished with 4 points. Anna L. added 3, Beatrice C. totaled 2.5 and Miles A. contributed 2.

When the dust cleared, we tied for 10th Place in a field of 51 teams.

K-1 Qualifier
Anton L. and Peyton M. each scored 4 points out of 8. William C. scored 3 points, and Graham S. tallied 2.

Our youngest Lions finished in 9th Place (25 teams competed).

For detailed results and standings for both qualification weekends, visit the official site here.

The CGPS team was guided by John MacArthur; Grandmasters Joel Benjamin, Michael Rohde and Jonathan Tisdall; and coaches Andre Harding, Daniel Rohde and Daniel Vulis.
Good luck to Daniel L., Leonardo L. and Aiden T. in the NOSCC Championship Weekend, June 12-13. For everyone else, this was the last major scholastic chess tournament of the 2020-2021 school year. See you in fall 2021!

Thank you to all students and parents for continuing to work with us during this one-of-a-kind chess season. We’ll remember it for the rest of our lives.

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