6th Grade Raises Over $6,000 for Refugees

In March, sixth grade students and teachers walked around the Central Park Reservoir to raise money in support of refugees. Earlier this year in English, sixth graders read Refugee by Alan Gratz, which follows three families of refugees in three different time periods: a Jewish family escaping Nazi Germany in the 1930s, a Cuban family escaping Castro's Cuba in the 1990s and a current-day Syrian family escaping Assad's regime in Syria. Moved by these stories, the Middle Schoolers felt compelled to come together as a community to help today's refugees, ultimately coming up with the Walk for Refugees fundraiser.

The sixth grade is proud to announce that they raised over $6,000! A portion of these proceeds went to an Afghan couple, identified by sixth grader Jared L. and his family, who needed to evacuate Afghanistan for their safety, eventually making it to the United States with nothing but the clothes on their backs. The Middle School's fundraising push supported the couple as they moved into a one-bedroom apartment in Queens and purchased necessities such as clothing, kitchen supplies and air conditioners. "Jared and his family were able to FaceTime with the couple, who were incredibly nice, friendly and appreciative of CGPS's role in the fundraising effort for them," commented the sixth grade English teachers. The sixth grade used the remaining $3,000 in funds to help Ukrainian refugees and made a donation to the International Rescue Committee.

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