CGPS Participates in Yale Model Congress Conference

Members of the Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School Model Congress team participated in the virtual Yale Model Congress Conference from December 3-4. Prior to attending the conference, students worked hard on researching, writing and revising legislation on an important societal issue they deemed necessary to improve peoples’ lives. Faculty advisors William Buckley and Donna Russo are pleased to note that Lara B. ’23, Laura I. ’24, Allie K. ’23 and Ben K. ’23 each had their bills passed out of committee. Allie and Lara’s bills were passed by the full Senate. Allie earned an honorable mention for her superb work on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Some examples of the legislation proposed by CGPS students include:

  • Reporting of sexual assault cases in the military
  • Building affordable housing units in affluent areas
  • Providing literacy courses to executive branch employees
  • Encouraging future home buyers to invest in solar panels by providing tax subsidies
  • Providing incentives for the expansion of charter schools
  • Reducing space debris in low Earth orbit
  • Placing sanctions on Iran in response to the country’s cybernetic espionage activities
  • Providing training for students to be better prepared to enter the workforce after high school

Mr. Buckley and Ms. Russo wish to thank all of the CGPS students who participated in the conference for their dedication, hard work and professionalism. Indeed, each team member rose to the occasion and proved to be fine ambassadors of CGPS. The Model Congress team is looking forward to continuing its success at the in-person Harvard Model Congress Conference in late February.

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