CGPS Alumna and Stanford Freshman Tessa Wayne ’20 Presents a Data Talk on Women’s NCAA Soccer to MS Math Students
Jessica Merrick, MS Math Coordinator

Last Monday morning, CGPS alumna and Stanford freshman Tessa Wayne ’20 led over 70 Middle School students from the math team, Grammar School Math Coordinator Kate Smallberg ’04 and Prep School Math Department Head Nathan Dummit in a data talk that she created for Stanford Professor Jo Boaler and her website: Tessa signed up for a twenty-student freshman seminar called “How To Learn Mathematics,” and Professor Boaler hired Tessa to create content for the YouCubed website. The first data talk that Tessa wrote, and the one she presented to the CGPS Middle Schoolers, titled “Women’s Soccer,” showed four different graphs visualizing data about shots on goals in women’s NCAA soccer and the chances of a successful outcome. The math team made observations about penalty shots vs. shots in open play and the likelihood of a goal based on which part of the net the ball is kicked towards. Our students asked questions such as “Why is the graph on the right so pixelated?” and “I wonder what the distance from the goal is when these shots were made?” They inferred that there’s a lot higher likelihood that a player will score on a penalty shot and that there are target areas on the goal that a goalie simply can’t reach.

To learn more about what a data talk is and read Tessa’s data talk on women’s NCAA soccer, click here and here, respectively.

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