6th Graders Create Documentaries on Life in Ancient Egypt
Ruth Kornblatt-Stier

In their most recent history unit, students in the sixth grade have been researching ancient Egypt and creating documentaries summarizing their findings as part of an inter-cohort project. Unfortunately, due to the necessary COVID safety restrictions, students have been isolated to specific cohorts over the past year and haven’t had many opportunities to work and socialize with other classes. The sixth grade history teachers — Marc Peters, Ann Sayari, Caitlyn Stocks and Audrey Shalom — as well as technology teacher Damian Giorlando and grade-level Dean Kevin Rall placed students from different cohorts in small groups of three, allowing them to get to know more of their peers. They assigned each group a specific topic within Egyptian history, such as how the homes were structured and the pyramid builders. Students split up the research, planning, note-taking, filming and editing amongst themselves, creating some truly fantastic and informative films.

Check out two of the documentaries below:

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