4th Grade Clickbait Assignment Featured on Mashable
Julian Corbett

Fourth-graders in the Grammar School tried their hands at writing some attention-grabbing headlines – and the internet took the bait.

GS library co-directors Mx. Conley-Abrams and Ms. Sondheim have touched on a variety of topics in their internet literacy and media bias curriculum. Recently, their focus was clickbait, the all-too-familiar style of online content designed to pique the interest of readers and attract valuable page views by making use of provocative language and warped facts.

As part of the clickbait lesson, Mx. Conley-Abrams had her students create their own clickbait-style headlines. The results were genius – both funny and realistic – and Mx. Conley-Abrams proudly shared a couple on her Twitter.

From there, the result was enormous: over 23,000 likes, with many fellow librarians and educators chiming in to say they had been inspired to try out similar lessons with their own students. 

In an interview with Mashable about the lesson plan, Mx. Conley-Abrams said she shared the students’ work not just because of its entertainment value (“delightful” and “brilliant,” says Mashable) but also because it was a spot-on example of the power of clickbait.

“I would love to click on that,” Mx. Conley-Abrams says in the piece. “I'd love to know about secret dog meetings.”

Click here to read the full article and see some of the other hilarious student work!

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