2nd Graders Write Poem Celebrating Year of Great Memories

In the Grammar School, Class 2B students culminated their April Poetry Month writing unit with a collaborative poem filled with their favorite 2B memories from the year. They included vivid details and purposeful line breaks as they created the poem. Students presented this poem to 2B families during their very first in-person parent visit. It was the first time in two years that the parents had been able to visit their kids inside school! Here are photos of the families with their children moments before the class read them the poem, which we invite you to read below. Please enjoy these memories as you perhaps think of some of your own favorite memories from the year.

“We Remember 2B”
 A Memory Poem by 2B 2022

We remember coming in every morning to 2B
greeting our teachers
finding our names on the wall of the coat closet
and putting our bags on our hooks.

We remember the first day of school
when Alex was late
and walked around the classroom like a wonder
and finding the bathroom
and learning each other's names.

We remember the first time we had recess.
We were as excited as a kid who had just gotten ice cream. 
We remember getting outside to play
and people playing with blocks
and people playing tag together.

We remember new friends and old friends.
We remember the urge to meet each other.
People were jumping from excitement.

We remember logging onto Zoom for all the birthday parties,
asking for embarrassing stories,
and singing Happy Birthday and eating sweet treats.

We remember going to Central Park
going on the slides and playing tag.
We remember eating lunch at the park on the benches.
We remember going on the swings and monkey bars.
It was sunny and super hot.

We remember writing our small moments
They were very challenging, fun, and hard.
We made our settings 
and our last words.
They were very interesting.
We were happy at the end because we finished our first stories!

We remember Halloween
and the lights shutting off
the flashlight snapping on
purple, blue, and Halloweenish.
We remember a deep voice telling ghost stories.
We remember the costumes
Reeses Pieces, vampires, Mario and Luigi, a bluebird, and more!

We remember the 100th Day of School!
We remember that we were jumping for joy
twirling with happiness.
We remember looking around with curiosity in our eyes
wondering what we’ll do.

We remember CGPS on Ice
drinking hot chocolate
ice skating with music.
We remember seeing our friends.
We remember being so happy!

We remember our Ellis Island reenactment
and the rain flowing outside
and the girls in my fake Russian family wearing scarves
like Babushkas.
We remember carrying our heavy bags and artifacts in our journey.
We remember the make believe waves making us sick.

We remember learning about all the artifacts 
from over 100 years ago
including the ones we guessed incorrectly
and the one that our “Russian family” carried in the Ellis Island reenactment.

We remember Geometry and Fractions.
Some people found geometry easy.
We remember some of us liked fractions and geometry
and some didn’t.
We remember we liked playing with the geoboards 
and we made polygons with rubber bands.

We remember the Easter and Passover egg and matzah hunt 
in the park
when we found the Easter eggs hidden in the trees.
We remember when we ate the candy 
and the matzah inside the eggs.
We remember that the weather was 70*F.

We remember playing (or at least showing) Nier.
We play with our hands.
We love it.
The game is full of laughter, smiling, and happiness.

We remember playing Sneep.
It was so fun!
We really liked it.
We liked it so much we even wanted to put it in this poem.

We remember all those fire drills.
One person cried
but the rest didn’t.
The fire alarm is VERY loud
and VERY annoying,
but we can do it!
Because we are 2B
and 2B can do anything!

most of all,
we remember each other. 

Here’s to six more weeks of memory-making
and many many years of remembering 2B.

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