2nd Graders Host “Liquid Race” To Learn About Viscosity
Julian Corbett

Last week, Grammar School science teacher Claire Rose held a race for her second-grade students: a liquid race! As part of their ongoing exploration of the scientific method, Ms. Rose’s students took a deep dive into the viscosity of different liquids.

The liquid race took place in two parts: in the first, Ms. Rose dropped a marble into graduated cylinders filled with either dish soap, water or corn syrup. Before starting the experiment, she asked her students to hypothesize which liquid the marbles would move through the slowest. In the second “lap” of the liquid race, Ms. Rose put spoonfuls of five different liquids – ketchup, milk, olive oil, shower gel and honey – at one end of a tray. After making educated guesses about how quickly each liquid would move, the students watched as Ms. Rose tipped the tray to make the different liquids race down the side.

To cap the lesson off, Ms. Rose challenged her students to find liquids around their houses that were more viscous than water.

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