Student COVID Testing

Families of students who plan to return to campus this fall must have a COVID-19 test no more than a week before his or her scheduled return to campus. This protocol represents just one effort to ensure that our return to in-person campus instruction over the next few weeks is as safe and healthy as possible. 

Acceptable Tests

Testing must take place within 7 days of your child's in-person campus return and can be administered by your pediatrician or any other medical professional, as long as the following requirements are met:

  1. Test must be molecular (also known as PCR). Antibody, antigen and other rapid tests will not be accepted.
  2. Specimens must be collected (swab or saliva) within 7 days of your child’s start date.
  3. Results, in the form of an official laboratory report, must be emailed to school at least 24 hours prior to return to in-person return.

For anyone unable to arrange a testing appointment, Vault’s “collect at home” service is acceptable and will produce results within the required timeframe. Please plan ahead by ordering your Vault test, if this is your preferred option, right away.

NYC Testing Sites

New York City is providing free testing during the pandemic. COVID-19 testing locations include:
City MD Urgent Care: City MD does not require an appointment and has a 5-7 day turnaround. 
Northwell Health Urgent Care: encourages appointments to be made depending on the location; 3-day turnaround. 
Mt. Sinai Urgent Care: appointments required; 3-day turnaround.
Find a testing location near you. Some locations can provide test results in 24 hours. 

Sharing the Results

Reports must be e-mailed to CGPS as soon as possible within the testing window. If we do not receive the results, your child will not be granted campus entry on their first day:
Prep School:
Middle School:
Grammar School:

Schedule for Testing

Because students are being phased in to campus this fall, the dates for testing are different by grade. Please see below for the soonest possible date for testing your child.

Grade Earliest Test Date
PreK September 8
Kindergarten September 22
Grade 1 September 29
Grades 2, 3, 4 October 1
Grade 5 September 28
Grades 6, 7 September 30
Grades 8-12 October 6